Health & Wellness

Mind, Body, and Sprit; did you know that these three things make up who you are? Here we’ll discuss things that take care of our overall Health & Wellness.

The courage of a friend

     This perhaps, to me anyway, will go down as one of the hardest things I’ve written. Often the things I do and think are counted peculiar among my peers. I should say peculiar around my friends at the office; or away from my church. In this context I don’t like using the word “church” because […]

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Other thoughts

If you are here because of an email I sent you then the post I was referring to is below ‘Slain’ otherwise, read on . . . this post was supposed to go up on March 17, not sure why it didn’t publish.      So today was a big day for me. It was kind of […]

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Slain . . .

It is rare that I cam caught without words . . . I really don’t know what to say . . . there are two versions of this . . . take the time to listen and read. Even now I’m finding it hard to write, just watch. Those of the faith should understand that […]

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The road

     I would like to say that change is always good. It is possible of course to have bad changes . . . and with change I think there are some winners and losers.      In this case, I don’t quite know where this is going but I know that I’m doing a better job of following […]

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